Every day, we bake several types of sourdough breads, with fresh batches regularly coming out of the oven all morning, until noon, sometimes even longer. Our flour is Italian and we import it ourselves. We select our flour very carefully, testing only the highest quality types. All our breads are sugar and dairy free. We make our breads from the crops our ancestors consumed thousands of years ago. We have travelled back in time to offer our customers the finest variety of healthy and nutritious “Ancient” breads. Over the last years, we have put a lot of time and effort into exploring crops such as Khorana, Quinoa, Emmer, Enkir and Barley, and learning about how they were used in ancient times.

This has resulted in five different types of breads, all of them containing one or more of these types of grain. On average, we offer two different types of Ancient breads every day. To learn more about the breads and discover our current selection, please feel free to drop by or call us.

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