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Bread and other everyday products

Every day, we make different types of sourdough breads and a diverse range of pastries. The selection can vary from one day to the next.
Everyday products can be ordered and bought on the same day, but if you require a greater quantity, of ten pieces or more, we recommend ordering three working days in advance.

Cakes, pies, desserts and traditional Icelandic marzipan ring cakes

Custom made cakes, desserts and marzipan ring cakes must be ordered with a minimum of three working days notice. The minimum order is 10 units/pieces for desserts, and 15 persons for cakes and pies.

Custom orders for bigger parties and events

Catering for larger parties must be ordered with a minimum of 5 working days notice and must be paid in advance.  A security deposit of 10.000 kr. is required if you wish to borrow trays, dishes or other equipment. This is repayable on the safe, undamaged return of any items used.
The delivery charge for orders within Reykjavík is 1.500 on weekdays.
Delivery is limited over the weekend and must be discussed when the order is made. Further information and advice is available by phoning 551 3524 or by contacting us here on our website.

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates can be ordered via telephone or e-mail. The certificates will be available to be picked up in the bakery on the following day.