About Ásgeir Sandholt

Ásgeir SandholtÁsgeir Sandholt was born in Reykjavík, Iceland in 1976. He is from the 4th generation of bakers in the Sandholt Bakery; a traditional, artisanal, quality oriented, family business, where he has been working since he was a young boy.

Dessert Master with

The Icelandic National Team of Chefs:
2011 – World Chocolate Master, pre-selection for Nordic Countries, GOLD
2005 – Hot Scott, Scotland, GOLD
2005 – Basel, Switzerland, GOLD
2004 – Competed with the Icelandic Chefs. Selections at Culinary Olympics, SILVER
2003 – World Championship in Luxembourg, SILVER
2002 – Olympics Erfurt, GOLD AND SILVER
2002 – Seoul International Food EXPO, South Korea, GOLD

Competitions and Awards:

2002 – Belgian chocolate award in Copenhagen, Denmark
2002 – Icelandic Championship, Reykjavík, Iceland, SILVER
2001-2004 – Pastry of the Year, Iceland, GOLD
2001 – World Championship young pastry chefs, Lisbon, Portugal
2000 – Icelandic Championship, Reykjavík, Iceland, GOLD
2000 – Nordic Championship for young pastry chefs, Copenhagen Denmark, GOLD
1998 – Nordic Championship, Copenhagen, Denmark, BRONZE
1997 – Sjokolade Festival Copenhagen, Denmark, SILVER


2000 – present – Full time employee at Sandholt Bakery, Reykjavík
1999 – Graduated with honours from RTH Ringsted, Denmark
1995 – Apprentice in pastry at Króman Larsen and Lars Hjort in Hellerup, Denmark
1993-1995 – Studied art and graphic design in Vejle, Denmark
1991-1993 – Art Studies at the High School Fjölbrautaskólinn í Breiðholti, Reykjavík